Monday, 14 March 2011


Well, my Specialism production of 'The Imagination of Little Tommy Murdoch' is well underway. Almost completely filmed, just one more shoot date to go!
After the mental search for a mother I finally found someone who fits the bill so we will be filming her scenes this upcoming weekend.
Filming for these past two weekends has been really hard because we needed to move everything around in my step-brothers bedroom which took a while so we were left with a tight schedule. Also, one of the actors rang me up the day before the shoot on the 5th March and said that his foot had swelled up. This could have caused us major problem because he couldn't walk properly but it added to his drunken character. Another bad point with actors, which wasn't the actors fault, was that my animated character Taiga Minion actor got the chicken pox then she got tonsilitis so this held us back until she was well again. So, this weekend she was better and we got almost all of her scenes completed. There are a few more to do because we had to stop because of the rain and because the holders of the P2 card previous to me didn't remove their work so we only had 9 minutes to work with. But overall, I believe it worked well. Camera and sound were perfectly fine and another great day of shooting awaits!


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