Tuesday, 30 November 2010


AAAARGH! Living in Middlesbrough isn't always the warmest place to live, but the past couple of days has been like living in Switzerland. The snow has been constant and yesterday college was cancelled causing a lot of trouble for the groups. Shoots that were organsised had to be cancelled and the work I was planning on doing had to be postponed.

In lighter news, I want to specialise in scriptwriting. So I have sent my tutors two stories which I have written. Because I want to specialise in this area I need to write three scripts so I'm currently writing a third story. Also, because scriptwriting is only 15 Credits and I need a minimum of 30 Credits, I will have to direct one to get the minimum score.
The two stories I have written are 'The Imagination of Little Tommy Murdoch' and 'Saviour'. Currently I am writing a children's comedy/horror.

Sam :)

Thursday, 11 November 2010

R.T.S Aftermath

Oooooo! No award given to the animation segment?!?!
To me that is just out of order, three animations (all from the same university) were nominated for the Animation Award but none of them seemed to win because the R.T.S board didn't think they were up to scratch.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Well, its the Royal Television Society awards tonight and my course are going to it, this year they are based in York. After missing out on last year because of "THE NUMBER 23 PROJECT!" I am looking forward to what they have in store. Im now just waiting for the coach to get here so we can head off to what I expect to be a great night.

In other work related areas, we did a run through of the full first drafted (third draft for my horror segment) script. After finally getting the musical section, we read through the full thing and it seemed to gel well together with some genres relating back to other genres that have already been on. I think that this is a good trick to tie the story together. However, when we got to my section of scripts the time seemed to elapse to quick and when the P.A told us we had six minutes to go. So I think that the scriptwriting team needed to have a quick meeting which will be tomorrow. We had the idea of using a "Life Story" to fill up the time, I think this is a great idea because it gives the characters more depth and relates back to the ending were they are going to voted off like on a talent show.

That's it for now, the bus will be here soon.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Worky Work!

Well, I've got a lot of work on now. So I've been busy doing that which is why my blog looks a little empty. But now I will be doing posts almost every day.

Multi-cam :

First drafts of scripts done (need to type up introduction and ending) / Set design done / Lighting design (almost done) / Sound design (many to choose from).
I have found many actors on Casting Call Pro which I need to type up the details for for the producers and directors. However, it looks as though we have got a good selection of actors who came in for the auditions on the 2nd November.

Wool Room (Live Project):

'Zombie' : Script and treatment done / Storyboard done (needs a little tweaking) / Actors looked at (DECISION!) / I NEED DUVETS!!!

'Crash' : Andy wants a name change! Script done / Prop list done (need to get them from The Wool Room).

'Farmer' : Sheep prototype made (GET WIRE FOR THE SKELETON!) / Treatment done / Designs for farmer and set in process.

Lighting Presentation:


Professional Studies:

Interviews: I was the interviewer for a mock interview which was based around becoming a runner for the BBC, I think I did a pretty good job in this and myself and Karl Keenen had a decent crack at it. I feel that I had the knowledge of the subject topic and Karl knew exactly what the interview board wanted to see in a candidate for the BBC.

I think thats it for now,