Thursday, 4 November 2010

Worky Work!

Well, I've got a lot of work on now. So I've been busy doing that which is why my blog looks a little empty. But now I will be doing posts almost every day.

Multi-cam :

First drafts of scripts done (need to type up introduction and ending) / Set design done / Lighting design (almost done) / Sound design (many to choose from).
I have found many actors on Casting Call Pro which I need to type up the details for for the producers and directors. However, it looks as though we have got a good selection of actors who came in for the auditions on the 2nd November.

Wool Room (Live Project):

'Zombie' : Script and treatment done / Storyboard done (needs a little tweaking) / Actors looked at (DECISION!) / I NEED DUVETS!!!

'Crash' : Andy wants a name change! Script done / Prop list done (need to get them from The Wool Room).

'Farmer' : Sheep prototype made (GET WIRE FOR THE SKELETON!) / Treatment done / Designs for farmer and set in process.

Lighting Presentation:


Professional Studies:

Interviews: I was the interviewer for a mock interview which was based around becoming a runner for the BBC, I think I did a pretty good job in this and myself and Karl Keenen had a decent crack at it. I feel that I had the knowledge of the subject topic and Karl knew exactly what the interview board wanted to see in a candidate for the BBC.

I think thats it for now,

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