Tuesday, 30 November 2010


AAAARGH! Living in Middlesbrough isn't always the warmest place to live, but the past couple of days has been like living in Switzerland. The snow has been constant and yesterday college was cancelled causing a lot of trouble for the groups. Shoots that were organsised had to be cancelled and the work I was planning on doing had to be postponed.

In lighter news, I want to specialise in scriptwriting. So I have sent my tutors two stories which I have written. Because I want to specialise in this area I need to write three scripts so I'm currently writing a third story. Also, because scriptwriting is only 15 Credits and I need a minimum of 30 Credits, I will have to direct one to get the minimum score.
The two stories I have written are 'The Imagination of Little Tommy Murdoch' and 'Saviour'. Currently I am writing a children's comedy/horror.

Sam :)

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