Monday, 6 December 2010


Last week the college was closed all week apart from Tuesday because of the snow! This wasn't good! All productions were postponed and now most of the group are playing catch up. I have now planned two Live Projects. One is Jess' which will be filmed during our week off (13th December-17th December) and Andy's which is planned for the 7th of January. My Zombie-like film is all sorted, all we need to do is choose a date to shoot. This is going to be tricky because of the snow because we are filming outside but now it is dying down I think we can get it filmed just before we break up or the first few days coming back after Christmas!

In other news, my Specialism pitch ('The Imagination of Little Tommy Murdoch') was chosen. This means I have to write, direct, animate and edit it all myself which is going to be difficult but I'm going to give it my best shot. I wanted to specialise in Scriptwriting but my other pitches weren't chosen and doing this film will take up a lot of my time so I think it's for the best.


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