Thursday, 14 October 2010


Hey there!
Well this is my first ever blog, so be gentle.
Last week everyone on the course had to pitch an idea for one of the following:
  • Wool Room (an internet based company who sell woollen products)
  • Yellowcayke (a band)
  • CCAD Promo (a short film based around Cleveland College of Art and Design)
  • Or your own personally found client/company, who are willing to let you film something for them.
I decided to pitch for the Wool Room. I wrote two pitches, the first one was about a tired man who is going to bed because of his lack of sleep. So, when I was writing this pitch I had the idea of a man walking up the stairs and reaching the first bedroom. After walking through the first door he would fall to the floor and hit his head off it, the flooring would be made of brick. After getting up and rubbing his head he goes toward the second room. He hits the floor again but the flooring is laminate, this still hurts him. Finally, he reaches the third door. The flooring in this room is made of wool, an angelic choir play in the background and a heavenly light appears around the characters head. He floats like a feather to the floor and goes to sleep.

However, I didn't feel this was strong enough so I pitched another story.
The other story was about another tired man who is watching television. On the television is a news report but the sound coming from the TV is inaudible so we don't know what the reporter is talking about. This report makes the man get up from his chair and walk out of his house. Outside there are a lot more lazy looking people (Zombie-like!) all heading towards one direction. The scene cuts to another place with all the "Zombie's" heading in the same direction still. We then see a giant, hovering woollen duvet in the centre of a town. A lot of people are sleeping on this duvet, the main character then joins them. On the other side of the duvet are other people looking refreshed. One of them then says the slogan I came up with : "The Wool Room, Have You Heard the Good News?"

From all the pitches that were pitched my "Zombie" one and 3 others got chosen. I was very pleased with this and have decided in the crews that we have been put in that I want to direct this one. In the other three Wool Room pitches I am crewing for 2 other ones, one of them is an animation which I can't wait to get started on.

Besides the pitches, I have been working on writing part of the script for our groups Multi-cam project. My parts include Horror and Romance, I am also ending the show (so I need to end it with a bang!). All the treatments are done and I reckon the final piece will look great. During our Multi-cam project I am on sound and two cameras which I happy with (even though I need to study the sound booth more!). Also I am 2nd Unit director for one of the adverts which are going to play during the Multi-cam live show.

Well I'm off, check out the blog!
Sam :)

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