Wednesday, 12 January 2011

2nd Unit

Due to script changes and ommisions the 2nd Unit is totally different to how we started it. In the beginning there were adverts, these were all planned and ready to shoot but due to changes they got completely removed. So the scriptwriters needed to change it and add something else. So in the end we added sob stories to most of the characters to fill out the allotted time space. Because the group C adverts were changed from 'Blow Up TV' to Buck Turbine and Deckard sob stories it meant that I had to re-do my storyboards because I am director of the 2nd Unit. Due to actors dropping out the 2nd Unit has not been filmed but it getting filmed tonight. The actors that dropped out were for the Sci-Fi section so it meant that we had to use another student to play the part of Deckard. Both sections will be filmed tonight and put into the edit tommorow and given to the lead editor for the Multi-Camera show which is now just a week away.
Wish us luck!

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