Friday, 14 January 2011

2nd Unit

All the 2nd Unit has been filmed and edited. Buck Turbine (or Action Man) was the first to be done. Once we got the actor in for rehearsals and he had a few run throughs with his lines he came to film the 2nd Unit which was then shot and edited within a day because the deadline is fast approaching. This 2nd Unit turned out really well, because of the performance of one John Noble and the crew. It has been given to the head editor and he has sorted it all out so it can be viewed during the show. The other 2nd Unit was Sci-Fi, this was also done really quickly because we had to work around the actor; who is a fellow student. But through it all he remained patient and made it easy for me to direct him through what I wanted. Even though it was what was originally planned for both shoots I think they both turned out really well even though they are so simplistic.

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